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In addition to selling windows and doors, Turkstra offers expert installation services to get your windows and doors installed properly. With over 60 years in business serving Hamilton and Southwestern Ontario communities, Turkstra Windows and Doors provides you with peace of mind when it comes to installation. We're a family-owned and operated business that's 100% Canadian, and we offer the trust and assurance you deserve.

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When you come into a Turkstra Windows location, you’ll be provided with all the expert service you expect from a premier window and door supplier, from design to materials, payment and delivery. We pride ourselves in being experts in the field and giving you the best customer experience possible.



When you get a delivery from Turkstra, we don’t use third-party delivery providers. Our fleet of 65 trucks is the largest for a lumber yard in Southwestern Ontario! As a result, we are able to offer prompt delivery. Generally, we can deliver whenever you require – often same day or next day. And because we have 65 of these trucks, you can be assured that the delivery of your materials will not be delayed or held up.

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For contractors and high-volume customers, Turkstra offers an account portal that allows you to easily track and pay for your purchases. Features include:

  • Competitive Payment Terms available
  • Ability to view all of your account details, invoices through the account login portal
  • Pay online
  • Discounted delivery options available

Expert advice

When you come to a Turkstra location, you’re greeted by our expert staff who are willing and able to help you get the answers you need and the material you require for all of your projects. There are no cashiers here, only counters. Our team is here first and foremost to provide you with an excellent customer experience, not to collect your hard earned money. If there’s anything you require while at one of our locations, they’ll help you out.

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